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Value Engineering

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Pricing Table

P M White Dry Lining prides itself on the detail and accuracy of its take offs. The table above shows an example so you can at a glance see how they are presented. This shows the amount of information that we provide for each tender so you can be confident we have included everything you need and see exactly what we have excluded. It also details where each item will be installed so you can check that all the necessary requirements have been met.

The vast majority of our estimates are now done by computer using the On-Screen Takeoff program from On Centre Software. This has dramatically reduced the time it takes for us to price jobs and has increased the accuracy. Once the on-screen measure is complete the drawings are stored on our system. Any future changes that happen in the future can be implemented instantly.

We have vast experience with Robust details, NHBC requirements, Building Regulations and British Standards. We also make every effort to highlight conflicts between drawings, specifications and individual company requirements.

Value Engineering

Due to the current climate the need to keep costs as tight as possible is now more important than ever before. P M White Dry Lining are confident that they will be able to save significant amounts of money by value engineering your job for you. A few simple changes in specified products can save thousands of pounds. For further information please see the ‘Contact Us’ page.